The Solo Creative's Guide to Trello

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The Solo Creative's Guide to Trello

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You have a growing pile of unfinished creative projects, and you have no idea how to finish any of them. 

You struggle with distraction, disorganization, and the fear of sharing your gifts with the world.

What if you could finally turn your ideas into actual books, songs, art, and resources people will buy? What if there was a free tool that could help you do all of that? 

Trello is an easy-to-use and powerful app that allows you to visually organize the things you need to do your work. It's a great tool to use for all kinds of creative projects.  

The Solo Creative's Guide to Trello is a guide that will teach you how to start, progress, and finish your creative project using a fun and easy-to-use tool called Trello.

Beyond the basic how-to's, I'm going to show you how I use Trello to start and finish any type of creative project, from books to blog content to collaborative projects.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The 45-page guidebook in PDF format.
  • 5 short tutorial videos based off of the entire guide.


  • Build a Simple Editorial Calendar with Trello guidebook (23-page PDF)
  • The "Three Filters" worksheet to help you narrow down and select project ideas you're most passionate about and are committed to finishing.

Disclaimer: While I'm extremely passionate about Trello and what it can do for creatives, this is an unaffiliated product. I also don't own the Trello logo or the Trello mascot, although I wish I did. Isn't Taco adorable?

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You'll get a 48-page guidebook, a creative project template Trello board, a two-page instruction booklet, and five videos.

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